Touchless ‘Vibhuti’ Dispenser

Anybody who goes to a temple comes back armed with some kungumam for their loved ones at home. This offering is usually given by the archakars at the temple or kept at a common area for devotees to take from, thus increasing the risk of contracting the novel corona virus.

This invention is to help devotees have a peaceful time at the temple and be free from concerns about their health during the darshan.

This eco-friendly dispenser is enclosed in a 3D printed container and uses a small microcontroller and the Auger mechanism to dispense the vibhuthi or kungumam. All you need to do is keep your hand at a distance from the sensor. it is similar to the experience you have with touchless water taps at star hotels and malls.

This unit could be made in sheet metal, which is generally used in making the hundis that we see in temples. That would be ideal for long-term use

The estimated cost of one unit is ₹1,500.

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